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My 5 Favourite Books in 2018

Last year I decided to use the Goodreads website to record all the books I read. There was quite a variety! From health-related books and biographies, to books about Christian living, as well as lots of fiction, it was fascinating to look back and see what I’d been reading in 2018.

This year, I’d like to regularly blog about my favourite books in various categories, so I’m kicking off January with my five favourite books in 2018.



The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, by C S Lewis

This book is part of a The Chronicles of Narnia – a series that had always been hovering on my ‘must-read-someday’ list. It took a friend lending them to me to get me to turn my intention into action! Some of the books I enjoyed better than others, but this, the best known of the series, was probably my favourite. The book can be read lightly as a fascinating and moving story, but there is an analogy there that true Christians will clearly see. If you’ve never read The Chronicles of Narnia, and only have time for one book – choose this one!


The Chronicles of Avonlea, by L M Montgomery

Growing up, the Anne of Green Gables series was a favourite of mine, but I remember being a bit bored and disappointed with The Chronicles of Avonlea. Last year I decided that I should give it another chance and read it through grown-up eyes. Am I glad I did! The book is made up of a collection of stories, varying in length and subject matter. Some are unfortunate, tragic tales, written in a flowery style popular in Victorian times, but there are true gems in the book where Mrs Montgomery’s skilful character portrayal and vivid storytelling had me alternately rooting for the very loveable characters and laughing out loud at their quirks and mishaps on the route to finding true love. They may not be the most realistic of stories, but if you are a fan of Anne of Green Gables, and in the mood for a little light reading, you’ll love this!


A Woman’s Walk with God, by Elizabeth George

This book is based on the fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22-23, with a chapter for each fruit. As is typical with books by this author, this is easy to read with devotional, Christ-exalting truth, as well as being intensely practical. I thoroughly enjoyed the detailed look at each fruit, and was greatly challenged as to the growth of the fruit in my own life. The only thing that would have made my journey through this book even better was if I’d realised sooner that there was a helpful study guide at the end.



Waves of Mercy, by Lynn Austin

I always love getting stuck into a new Lynn Austin book – not only do I know I’m going to learn about an unknown period of history, but the truth she weaves throughout the story is practical and Bible-based. This book probably exceeded my expectations! For a start, it’s one of my favourite styles – a time slip – jumping between two different time periods. The characters are Dutch, and part of the story covers the struggles of migration from the historic Netherlands to Michigan in America. Reading the book while on a visit to the Netherlands only added to the experience! The characters were well-developed and the plot gripping. But what I found most impressive about the story was that the author didn’t feel the need to tie everything up in a neat, little bow at the end. The satisfaction of seeing characters make good choices based on their values and morals was much greater than that of a sugar-coated, unrealistic ending. There aren’t many books like this nowadays!


On Asking God Why – Reflections on Trusting God, by Elisabeth Elliot

Despite the title of this book being a bit misleading (only part of the book is on this topic), this was probably my favourite book of 2018! It is really a collection of essays on various subjects, including judging others, singleness, divorce, the Christian’s safety, and many other lessons from the life experiences of the author. I found that even chapters which didn’t seem immediately relevant to my life still had many extremely helpful nuggets, and I don’t think I’ve ever underlined so much in a book as I did in this one! The author, who had more than her fair share of difficulties, was a pragmatic, God-fearing lady, and in a world where self-centred wallowing is not only allowed but encouraged, her no-nonsense attitude and encouragement for implicit trust in the Almighty God is much needed.


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