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All Things For Good – An Ever-Relevant Message

img-20161017-wa0012It’s difficult to put into words how much Granda Moore meant to our family. He was a man who was much loved, greatly respected, and is still deeply missed, eight years after he was called home to heaven. Wise and godly, Granda had a good dose of pragmatism along with a mischievous sense of humour that used to somewhat exasperate my serious grandmother. Amongst his grandchildren, he had no favourites, yet made each of us feel special.

A few weeks ago, I was sorting through a box of miscellaneous items that had been packed away when I got married, and which were subsequently forgotten. Some childhood ornaments, swimming awards, and a stack of birthday cards. As I flicked through the cards, something caught my eye – a page, attached by a now-rusty paperclip to the inside of a ‘Granddaughter’ card. The card was written, as it always was, by Granny, but the writing on the page was clearly Granda’s distinctive handwriting.

Romans 8:28 – We know that all things work together for good to them that love God.

All things for good

There is not one exception

For He who promised also will fulfil,

His hand controls

His word all things obeying,

Work out the purpose of His perfect will.

As for God, His way is perfect – Psalm 18:30

I can’t remember the situation in my life that prompted this personal message, but really, it doesn’t matter. It is always relevant. The problems I had eleven years ago have gone, and in their place are other worries and trials. Life never rolls along without troubles. We all face happenings and situations that cause us to wonder what purpose God could possibly have in letting these things come our way.

Granda was no stranger to troubles – a stroke in 1991 left him wheelchair-bound and robbed him of his ability to sing, yet he bore his difficulties with grace and patience. How did he do it? Granda was an active and independent man, and to have been forced to rely on others must have been terribly difficult. I think the secret of his acceptance is in the words on the page, and especially the little word he underlined. All things – debilitating strokes included! Granda knew that God was in control and that He assuredly would use the difficulties for good.

And so we can rest on the same thought. Whatever we’re going through – problems at school, hostility, loneliness, losing someone special, ill health, dashed hopes and dreams – be assured that God is working it out for good. We may not understand how or why, but we can confidently rest in the knowledge that God’s way is perfect!

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  • Carole stevenson

    17/10/2016 at 19:07 Reply

    So very true Ruth Your grandad was a star

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