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Children’s Bibles – reviews and recommendations

Visit a Christian bookshop, or google ‘children’s Bibles’ and you’ll be faced with a vast array of sizes, shapes and colours of books. How in the world is someone to choose? How can parents or grandparents find a scripturally-sound and easy-to-understand Bible story book to read with the children in their lives? To save you trawling through everything that’s available, I’ve asked some of my friends with young children for their favourite children’s Bibles.

Here are their recommendations:


My First Bible in Pictures by Kenneth N Taylor, Victor Books Ltd, ISBN 9781414305929, various colours available from around £6.50 from Book Depository

‘This Bible was one I liked reading with my daughter when she was around two years old.’


  • Small kid-friendly size for little hands
  • Classic illustrations
  • Good summary/overview of the Bible stories
  • Wide range of stories – ‘When we read the Bible as a family we found the corresponding picture in this book.’



  • Stories are almost too short – ‘I found it didn’t let you get into the story properly.’


Illustrated Children’s Bible with accompanying audio CD, North Parade Publishing, ISBN 9781783731848. Seems to be out of stock in many places and very expensive on other websites, but, at the time of writing, Christian Resources for Life has one reasonably-priced copy available at £15.00.

‘This Bible is good for younger children, and has a CD which is great for car journeys.’


  • Accurate and true to Scripture, and void of imaginative license
  • Unlike many other children’s Bibles, this one covers events after the crucifixion



  • None!


The Gospel Story Bible by Marty Machowski, New Growth Press, ISBN 9781936768127, £19.99, available from Ards Evangelical Bookshop

‘The reason we liked this Bible so much is because at the end of each story the writer brings the gospel out of the story. He does this right through the Old and New Testaments. Then he gives three simple questions you can ask your child and discuss with them.’


  • Gospel brought out of each story
  • Stories are the perfect length for bedtime
  • Goes the whole way through the NT to Revelation



  • ‘I wasn’t keen on the illustrations; I thought they were a bit weird.’


The Christian Focus Story Bible by Carine Mackenzie, Christian Focus Publications, IBSN 9781845504946, £9.99 from Ards Evangelical Bookshop

‘My son loves to listen to the stories being read to him.’


  • Sticks closely to Scripture
  • Many of the phrases are recognisable as wording from the Bible
  • Each story has a lesson to apply what’s been read



  • Doesn’t cover all of the stories in the Bible
  • ‘I maybe don’t fully agree with what is taught in a small number of the lessons.’


Egermeiers Bible Story Book by Elsie Egermeier, Warner Press, ISBN 9781593173357, £14.95 from eden.co.uk

‘This Bible was a present, and I like it. It seems like it’s a classic.’


  • Good selection of stories covering the whole Bible
  • Written in easy-to-listen-to style but sticks closely to biblical stories



  • Doesn’t have many pictures


The Picture Bible by Iva Hoth, Kingsway, ISBN9780781430555, £9.99 from eden.co.uk

‘This is my favourite Bible. I had it growing up and read it countless times. I would say I owe my general biblical chronology to this Bible.’


  • It brings the OT and prophets to life
  • Great for expanding vocabulary



  • ‘There’s maybe a little bit of imagination, but nothing that would concern me.’



Please remember that these Bibles, while recommended, are only based on the Holy Scriptures, and will inevitably contain some human interpretation and bias. My advice is to read through your choice of children’s Bible before introducing your child to it.

Many thanks to all the contributors for this blog post – your help is greatly appreciated.


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  • Helene Boudreau Jean

    24/03/2018 at 12:41 Reply

    This was very helpful; I’ll use it as a guide for when my 4 grandsons visit soon❤️ I like to have plenty of good reading material on hand. Thanks!

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