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Behind the scenes: 7 things you might not know about Evidence

In this post, I’m going to let you into a few secrets! Here are seven interesting behind-the-scenes facts that you might not know about Evidence, Book 1 of the Search for Truth Series.

  • I first started writing Evidence sitting outside on a sunny summer Saturday afternoon. I had a vague storyline in my head, but I didn’t know how the details were going to unfold. Also, when I was typing the opening paragraphs, I hadn’t a clue as to why Gran was so angry! I had to keep writing to find out.
  • A longstanding dream of mine is to have a ‘huge, black, shiny, chrome-embellished pickup truck’. Realistically, this dream will probably never come true, so the next best thing is giving my characters what I’d love to have! (And yes, I was totally gutted when Seb crashed it…)
  • I didn’t really like Seb when I was writing the first few chapters of Evidence! He really did improve, though, and after writing an entire series about him, it’s like having a favourite little brother! To my actual brothers, don’t worry – Seb isn’t real, so he can’t replace either of you!

    The real Mirabelle!

  • Mirabelle was actually a real cow on my uncle’s farm, and was every bit as friendly and tame as the Mirabelle in the book. I never heard of her licking anyone to death, mind you!
  • ‘Minurl men’ (mineral men) really do exist in Northern Ireland, travelling around in little lorries, delivering bottles of fizzy drink to people across the country. When I was a child, a ‘mineral man’ called regularly with my grandparents, and I vividly remember drinking Splice or Iron Brew out of cream ceramic mugs and eating gypsy creams and german biscuits. Granny was as good a baker as Madge, but there the similarities end!
  • Boiled potatoes in broth (vegetable soup) is a real thing! It was a favourite meal at my grandparents’ house, and was always accompanied by a glass of creamy farm milk.
  • Balmoral Show (which is what the agricultural show in Evidence is based on) was easily one of the highlights of my year as a teenager. My friends and I generally took the day off school to attend, and travelled up to Belfast on the bus or train, returning some hours later, tired, a bit sunburnt, but not at all hungry after all the pork and stuffing rolls, candyfloss, and samples of food that we’d consumed!

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out some inside information about Evidence! If you’ve any questions about my books or you’re curious about any aspect of writing, please get in touch with me here. If there are plenty of questions, I’ll most likely do a Q+A blog post!


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